Sunday, September 6, 2015

Favorite Films in Summer 2015

Here are my favorite films this summer:

Mission Impossible:  Rouge Nation
Jurassic World
Terminator Genysis
Straight Outta Compton
Insidious:  Chapter 3
Mad Max:  Fury Road
The Avengers:  Age of Ultron
Inside Out
Sinister 2
The Gift
San Andreas 
Pitch Perfect 2
The Transporter Refueled
Ted 2

I saw Terminator Genysis, Insidious Chapter 3 and Jurassic World twice already.  I'm hoping to see Mission Impossible:  Rouge Nation again as well.

Friday, May 1, 2015

2015 Summer Movie Season

With The Avengers: Age of Ultron released into theaters, the summer movie unofficially begins.

What films are you most looking forward of seeing?

Here's my list:

  1. The Avengers: Age of Ultron
  2. Mad Max: Fury Road
  3. Pitch Perfect 2
  4. Jurassic World
  5. Insidious: Chapter 3
  6. Poltergeist
  7. Terminator Genisys
  8. Max
  9. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
  10. Straight Outta Compton
  11. Sinister 2
  12. The Fantastic Four
  13. Ant-Man
  14. Spy
  15. Trainwreck
  16. Vacation 
  17. San Andreas  
  18.  Ted 2
  19.  Entourage

Friday, January 2, 2015

Films I'm Looking Forward to See in 2015

Here are some of the films I can't wait to see in 2015:

American Sniper
Paranormal Activity 5
Star Wars:  The Force Awakens
The Hunger Games The Mockingjay Part 2
Insidious 3
Taken 3
The Avengers:  The Age of Ultron
The Hateful 8
Furious 7
Jurassic World
Mad Max:  Fury Road
Terminator Genisys
Mission Impossible 5
Pitch Perfect 2
50 Shades of Grey (maybe)

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Favorite Films of 2014

As 2014 is coming to a close, here are my favorite films of the year:

Captain America:  The Winter Soldier
The Expendables 3
X-Men:  Days of Future Past
Transformers:  Age of Extinction
The Purge Anarchy
The Hobbit:  The Battle of the Five Armies
The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1
John Wick
Drive Along
The Drop
Big Hero 6
Heaven Is For Real
God's Not Dead
The Equalizer
The LEGO Movie
Edge of Tomorrow
Gone Girl
Lone Survivor

Friday, November 21, 2014

Bill Cosby, The Cosby Show & Sexual Assault Allegations

In case you have been living in a cave with no electricity over the past week, Bill Cosby is mire controversy with allegations of sexual assault from numerous women who accused the American icon of drugging them and raping them decades ago.  It all started because some low-level and perhaps no-talent comedian, who clearly have no class or respect on what Cosby had done, called him a rapist in his act.  Suddenly, one by one, women jumped out of the woodwork and "remembered" Cosby drugging and raping them that happened years ago.  Of course, there's no evidence or proof of Cosby actually committing the crime, and they know that he can't prosecute him because of a pesky thing called statue of limitations.

Of course, it didn't stop the media basically calling him guilty because, in our hyperactive climate, every woman who make claims of raping or domestic violence against a man, especially a celebrity, is telling the truth and can't be lying about.  So, anyone who dared questioned their claim is called a rape apologist or anti-woman and that he/she is blaming the victim, regardless if the woman is actually a victim or not.  In the minds of the radical feminists, every man is a rapist and, therefore. they're all evil.  So, screw the concept of innocence until proven guilty.

There have been consequences of these allegations.  Netflix had postponed his upcoming comedy special (I don't get Netflix, so I wasn't that concerned), and NBC had squashed a planned sitcom with Cosby.  But, the biggest hit was announced with TV Land had pulled The Cosby Show from their line-up.  No doubt, this was a cowardly act just to please the mob who automatically thinks Cosby is guilty.  Apparently, they don't care about their viewers especially, but not limited to, African-American viewers.  Now, I haven't watch the repeats because I got some many other shows and movies I recorded on my DVR to watch that I haven't got time to watch them anyway, but I remembered watching them when they aired during the 80's.  The show was humorous and a joy to watch, and it's one of the reasons why I will always love the 1980's.  By pulling the reruns off the air, TV Land had taken a part of my childhood.

And, let's remember why the cowards did this, it because of ALLEGATIONS!  I may not attended one single class of law school, but I do know that an allegation isn't a conviction or actual proof that Cosby raped these women.  I'm still waiting ONE concrete evidence of Cosby raping these women DECADES AGO.  Call me crazy or old-fashioned, but I still believe in a weird concept of the presumption of innocence.  Just because a network airs repeats on The Cosby Show, it doesn't means they support rape.  Just because people still enjoy watching The Cosby Show, it doesn't mean they condone rape.

If it ok for Turner Classic Movie or other movie network to air Woody Allen or Roman Polanski's films and people still want to watch them like me, it doesn't mean that, for some weird reason, people supports their allegations ( or actual charges) of abuse.  Believe it or not, people can separate artistic work and the artist's private life.

One more example, on October 7th 2014, UP TV had pulled the reruns of the popular family drama 7th Heaven from its schedule after a tape was released on TMZ featuring actor Stephen Collins, who played Reverend Eric Camden, allegedly admitting to molesting several children years prior.  But, maybe because of fans reactions, the show is back on the schedule.  So, there maybe hope for Cosby Show fans.

This post isn't about whether or not Cosby committed these acts (although it is fishy that these women "suddenly remembered" being drugged and raped by him but waited YEARS before accusing him in public.  To me, anyone who waited such a long time to publicly accused a celebrity of rape should be questioned), but it's about bringing back a beloved sitcom back on the air.

If you agreed with me that TV Land should bring back The Cosby Show repeats, you can sign a petition here:



P.S., I think it's disgusting and slimy that, just because you can't convict a person of a crime in court of law, you can tarnish his/her reputation in public and in the media. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The War on Football

Last week wasn't the best week in the history of the National Football League (NFL).  Thanks to TMZ, a video surfaced of now ex-Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice punching his now wife in the elevator in Atlantic City.  This was a huge embarrassment to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell because he originally suspended him for only the first 2 games of the regular season.  That decision already was controversial as being too light.  Now, after the video appeared, Rice's contract with the Ravens was terminated and was indefinite suspended by the league, although Rice and the Players Union are appealing the indefinite suspension. 

Then, Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was indicted of child abuse of hitting his 4-year old son with a switch.  He's now being under investigation for another child abuse case.  After not playing in the Vikings' lose to the Patriots, he's expected to play against the Saints.

Understandably, fans are upset on these two incidents as well as the league apparently lax investigation of the Rice video.  Many, including female fans, are furious on how the league disciplined players involved in domestic violence cases like Greg Hardy of the Carolina Panthers, who was found guilty of domestic violence, still playing until he was finally benched in last week's game against the Detroit Lions.  Also, San Francisco 49ers defensive lineman Ray McDonald, who was arrested BUT NO YET CHARGED for domestic violence, is still playing for the team.

Some people, I would like to call nutcases, were even calling to boycott watching NFL games until the league do something about DV cases.  Honestly, the idea of boycotting watching NFL games is idiotic, stupid, insane, and ridiculous.  You're punishing the vast majority of NFL players who are decent and have good character.  Players like Rice and Peterson are just a few bad apples.  Plus, if you do boycott the games, I'm guessing you're not an NFL fan to begin with.  You're just helping the anti-football nutcases in their cause to end the game of football we all love and enjoy.

Of course, many people wants Roger Goodell to step down or be fired as NFL Commissioner.  I'm not a fan of Goodell ranging from making the league into a wussifaction of the game with its numerous safety rules to appease the ambulance-chasing lawyers of former NFL players who should had known the risks of playing football to stupid rules like a ban of dunking on goalposts.  But, on this matter, I don't think he should resign unless there's a mountain of evidence that he deliberately lied about not seeing the Rice video.  Memo to people:  THE NFL ISN'T A LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY!!!!  They can't, and shouldn't, monitor its players 24/7 like little babies.  The furor and anger of the Rice scandal should be at the D.A. and judge who decided not to press charges.

Also, there are other nutcases like the ever-so wise Rosie O'Donnell on The View the other day who suggested that NFL players are violent people who brings violence to their personal lives because they play a violent game since they were kids.  Also, they blamed us because we cheered for the violence on the field.  GIVE ME A BREAK!!!  Using that insane logic, players like Andrew Luck, JJ Watts, Tom Brady, Eli and Peyton Manning are really violent people who like to beat up women and children.  And, of course, we want players to beat up their wives because we love violence.  Well, how about NHL players?  Hockey is a violent sport.  How about boxing?  MMA fighting?  All violent sports.  And what these geniuses suggest what should be done?  Do they suggest we should ban football?  If they have their way, YES!  Memo to so-called geniuses, football doesn't make players violent any more than hockey makes players violent.  Believe it or not, players cans separate violence ON THE FIELD and still be peaceful people off the field.  Same thing to watching football.  The nutcases who claim that watching football causes people to be violent or causes spikes in domestic violence cases are just as wrong as the nutcases on the Left who blamed guns for rise of violence or the nutcases on the Right who constantly blamed violent movies, TV show, video game, or rap lyrics for people's violent behavior.

Believe me, Ray Rice should have been suspended for a year for what he done.  And, if I had it my way, he should never play in the league again until he show incredible remorse.  But, don't let jerks like Rice and Peterson symbolized all NFL players.  Contrary on what the media like ESPN said, the vast, vast majority of NFL players are the good guys.  of course, ESPN don't care because they want the ratings and continue to put politics in sports (isn't that why they unfairly let Rush Limbaugh go for its pregame show?  By talking politics?  What a bunch of hypocrites!).

There is a war on football by anti-football nutcases and radical feminists because it's a violent game, and it's about masculinity.  In addition to the ridiculous lawsuits regarding concussions, NFL fans like myself are rightfully worried about the state of the game we love.  People are even saying we should be ashamed to watch and love football because of the violence.  Well, that's a ton of B.S.  We must stand together to save this game from this politically-correct nonsense!!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Favorite Films of 2014 Summer Movie Season

Another summer movie season is coming to a close.  What are your favorites?

Here are mine in terms of my desire to see it again in theatres:

1.  Guardians of the Galaxy
2.  X-Men:  Days of Future Past
3.  The Purge:  Anarchy
4.  The Expendables 3
5.  Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
6.  Transformers:  Age of Extinction
7.  Edge of Tomorrow
8.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
9.  22 Jump Street
10.  Godzilla
11.  Jersey Boys
12.  As Above So Below